Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Caring For Your Trees With Watering Bags from Treegator

Many people  plant different a variety of different trees in their yards or in the forest in order to give it a better appearance. It is important to understand that these trees need to be cared for in the proper means if you want them to reach their potential. Alot of people get very excited once they plant the tree and take good care of it, however, once the newness has worn off they forget about and consequently the plant begins to die. A way to avoid this from happening is with the use of Treegator watering bags. This form water supply to your tree has many benefits. Visit the website to learn more.

 Watering Bags from Tree Gator

It is important to water any trees you plant frequently as this will ensure that the tree grows as it should. Understanding that life gets extremely busy for a family, some chores naturally get forgotten about. Buy purchasing and using Treegator watering bags, you can rest assured that your tree will be getting the water that it requires. By using these bags, all you need to do is wrap the bag around the tree and filling it with water. This will release water to the tree as needed and you will only need to refill the bag on a weekly basis.This will ensure that you do not have to spend a lot of time watering trees that you may have in your backyard.

When a tree is very young, it usually has weak stems. Therefore, these trees can fall easily and break when there are strong winds. A Tree Gator bag is very important in offering additional support to the tree since it is usually placed round the tree. When you use these bags, it will not only provide the tree with water but also offers the much needed support to the tree ensuring that it does not topple.

 Keep your Trees Properly Watered with Tree Gator Watering Bags

The use of the Tree Gator bags doubles as a way of mulching because it ensures there is no direct exposure of the watered ground to the sun. This means there is minimal evaporation of water that drips from the bag to the soil surrounding the base of the tree. Consequently, the ground remains moist for a long time compared to when these surfaces are not covered. It is also a perfect way of minimizing the amount of water used for irrigation since the rate of releasing the water is controlled.

Installing Tree Gator watering bags is quite easy and you do not need to use a manual. The bag is usually round and has some space in between where the tree is supposed to be. All you need is to do is put the bag around the tree, fill it with water and zip it. The bag normally has holes that will allow the water to sip into the soil and thus your trees will receive water up to a week and then you can refill and the process continues. Will you be using Treegator watering bags to care for your trees?